Southern agro is a registered, dried chillies certified supplier and exporter under Government of India Commerce & Industry. Trusted vendor ,Notified by Indian Government Customs & Director general of Foreign trade. Export dried chillies of wide varieties of indian origin such as Guntur S4 sannam, Byadgi kaddi, Teja chili, Wonder hot, Kashmiri dried chillies,etc,. with a pure quality and naturally sun dried hygienically. We always ensure prompt shipment along with the quality product and packing,

we've been collaborated with many international buyers from malaysia, singapore, mexico, Taiwan, UAE, South africa, kenya, USA,UK. Always prompting on Best price, fastest delivery and warm service to our valuable clients for long term co operations.

Dried chillies certified supplier

Registered Member exporter of Dried chillies and Spices

dried chillies
dried chillies

And, We're a registered member of SPICE BOARD OF INDIA which controlled by Ministry of commerce and Industry, government of india. Hence,Certification for the product quality of spices been endorsed by the Spice board of india and provided to our overseas clients to ensure the quality of the product and origin. Also, Required other certifications shall be submitted as per the buyer's country requirements to enable smooth delivery.

If any requirements, Please drop us an email , we are more than happy to co-operate with you.