Our Dried red chilli is high quality by nature, pure and from the fertile lands of India. Red Chilli - Indian dry red chillies are usually named for its Natural taste tempting flavour and Nutritional value. Chili peppers are hot with High/ Low pungency character and has a various colors, flavors because of the level of Capsaicin in them and quality of the chili varies as per their Size, Heat, aroma & pungency level.

Red chilli in india

We are a Trusted dry red chilli manufacturers,suppliers and exporters in india. Supply all kinds of Dried red chili of Guntur S4 Sannam chilli, Teja S17 Chili, S 273, Devanur Deluxe DD Chilli, Wonder Hot Chilli and Indo 5 Chilli. Red dry Chillies of India origin such as Indian Byadgi Kaddi, Mundu S9, S12, Kashmiri and Yellow chilli.  Also, other forms of Dried red chilli pepper powder, Crushed red chili Pepper Chili Flakes and Dried red Chili pepper seeds.


Guntur S4 Sannam Chilli

Guntur S4 Sannam Chilli

Guntur Sannam chilli or Capsicum annuum var. Longhum is also known as S4 Sannam chilly & Its widely produced in the state of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana of India. S4 Type of chilli is mostly popular among International market.

Teja S17 Chilli

Teja S17 Chilli

Teja chilli is the finest grade of Guntur chillies in India. Its mostly produced in the southern states of Indian fertile land and exported as whole Dried red chilli or Powder form, Usually bright red in color. Its also known as S17 Type chilli.

S 273 Chilli

S 273 Chilli

S 273 chilli is a Semi-Wrinkled chillies and has a Long size with medium heat,  Its mostly used for culinary purpose globally. Supplied in the form of Whole dried red chilli with or with out stem , Powder for frying and crushed chilli flakes for garnishing purpose.

Devanur Deluxe DD Chilli

Devanur Deluxe ( DD ) chilli

Devanur Deluxe ( DD )  chilli is one of the Guntur chilli variety and it’s a hybrid type of traditional Byadagi chilli variety . It has a High market preference for powder, Long sized & High color value of ASTA.

Wonder Hot Chilli

Wonder Hot Chilli

Wonder Hot Chillies are mostly used for its color and mild pungency. Larger in shape, Thick skin and are popular for its exotic flavor. It will be available as of other form of chillies such as Powder & Coarse grounded flakes.

Indo 5 Chilli

Indo 5 Chilli / Endo 5 chili

Indo 5 Chillies are F1 Hybrid chilli variety of Indo-American type, Its also known as Endo 5 and Indam 5 chill , Usually 9 – 10 cms long with medium pungency. since It has a pungent irritating character, it is not suitable for consumption. Specifically used for seeds only purpose.


Byadgi Kaddi Chilli

Byadagi chilli is a Fully Wrinkled chillies, Long sized & Highest level of dark red in color. Mainly used in south Indian cuisine and it has a Nice aromatic flavor & low pungency level. So, used as a chilli powder for Indian masalas & its popular amongst chilli powder grinders.

Mundu S9 chilli

Mundu Chilli

Mundu S9 chilli is a round shaped chilli , grown in ramnad district in tamilnadu, Its also called as ramnad mundu chilli. Especially,  Mundu chilli is very popular in south indian cuisine, It has a dark shiny & thick skin. Available with or without stem. These ramnad mundu chilles has a good flavor and aroma, exported worldwide.

S12 Chilli

S 12 Chilli

S12 chillies are specifically Grown on fertile lands of india widely and has a nice aromatic flavor with medium pungent taste. Infact, a recent years it’s fetching more demand from international as well as domestic buyers, also become one of the preferred chilli type among chilli buyers. These chillies are Unique in feature of stemless by nature.

kashmiri Chilli

India is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of Kashmiri chilli and Its most popular chilli variety in the world. Kashmiri chillies are Known more for its colour than its spice and its also known as daggi chilli. The kashmiri chilli is long, flushy, Red in color and lesser pungent also lends a very bright red color and enhance aroma to the food.

Yellow chilli

Yellow Chilli

Yellow chilies are grown in india and have have a considerably low amount of vitamin C and carotene while Compared to the fiery red chilies. These chillies are extensively used in recipes of stuffed chilly, in preparation dips, sauces, stews and in casseroles. It is also used for cooking as garnishing , flavouring, to enhance color and piquancy to the dishes.


Dried red chilli pepper powder

Dried Red Chilli Pepper Powder

Chilli pepper powder is a major food ingredient in Indian and international cuisines. It brings its characteristic bright red color and pungency to any preparation it is used in. The chillies, ground (powdered) shall be ground to such fineness that all of it passes through 500 μm IS Sieve and nothing remains on the sieve.

Crushed red chilli Pepper Flakes

Crushed Red Chilli Pepper

Coarsely grounded dry red chilli is also called red chili flakes - is a condiment consisting of dried and crushed red chili peppers, coarsely grounded to its perfection. Most of the chillies are used for making in to condiments, Especially its more popular for Pizzas & Italian dishes.

Dried red Chili pepper seeds

Dried Red Chilli Pepper Seeds

Chilli or chilli pepper seeds is usually supplied in yellow color seeds, we are a leading supplier of seeds of Biyadagi chilli & Guntur chillies. We could able to cater our client as per their needs. Also, packing qty is allowed to their specification.

Types of red chillies

We export below types of dry red chillies worldwide;

  1. Indian red chillies
  2. Guntur varieties of red chili
  3. Red chili powder
  4. Chilli pepper flakes / Crushed red chillies
  5. Seeds of chili pepper

Details of red chili

Red dried chili pepper, matured green chillies are sun-dried naturally under strict hygienic condition. After sun-Dried , Green Chillies are turned in to Dark Red colour and develop with more Natural taste, tempting flavor and Nutritional value. It will be packed as per the buyers requirement.

Dried chillies are packed in Jute gunny bags, PP bags, Plastic woven Bags,etc,.Also, we offer vacuum packing then in to cartons with or with out Labels are per the buyers choice. Quantity of the packing are standard as 5kgs / 10kgs / 15kgs / 20kgs / 25 kgs or as per the Clients requirements.

We ship your order  between 7 – 10 days, If any special packing or Buyers labeling should be done, we would be mentioning it while on Per forma Invoice according to the specific needs.

We offer Free sample of Dry red chilli as per the request of the buyer. But, the freight should be paid by the Buyer. And, Once the order confirmed by the buyer , the sample freight charges shall be returned / adjusted accordingly.

We ship the goods worldwide any port CIF, EXW & FOB – INDIA
We accept T/T; Advance payment 40%, Remaining Balance 60% upon B/L copy.
Letter of Credit ; L/C at sight.

Our products are of purely Indian origin, Therefore, We ship our chilies from India-Any port or By default from CHENNAI PORT where the 75% of the Total Indian chilies are exported to world-wide.

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